Achieving Career Satisfaction

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Career Quizzes does not pretend to provide you with a magic formula for success. In reality, you have to work for it.


If you’re reading this, then the odds are you’re looking for something!

A new job or even a new career, a new path and a sense of direction, or a way to make a long-standing dream come true.

Studies have found that only about 50 percent of all workers are actually satisfied with their jobs.

Job dissatisfaction is widespread among Indians of all educational levels, income brackets, and ethnic groups.

People want more opportunities for career development, more ownership in decision making, greater work/life balance, and to be more highly valued as employees.

Mostly, they just want rewarding work.

Career satisfaction is possible, but it requires you to know what truly motivates you.

Many people will tell you that they’re unhappy in their current job, but they can’t pinpoint why.

They talk about being unfulfilled, underutilized, or underpaid.

Many will simply say they’re “missing something.”

Achieving job satisfaction is not simply a matter of earning a higher salary (although most of us wouldn’t complain),

But a matter of discovering the kind of work that matches your values and personality and fulfills all your needs.

Many different factors can influence your level of job satisfaction including:

✅ Pay and benefits
✅ Opportunity to use your skills and abilities
✅ Level of challenge you feel in doing your job
✅ The quality of leadership
✅ Quality of your social relationships
✅ Variety of duties you perform.

Knowing which of these is most important to you to get an insight into which direction to take your career.

The Quest for Satisfaction:

Work satisfaction is the never-ending quest for self-fulfillment and self-actualization.

Successful people are able to grow personally and professionally by devoting themselves to lifelong learning, self-exploration, reflection, and growth.

Successful people constantly invent and reinvent themselves based on a process of constant self-assessment.

Successful people have a rare ability to celebrate their strengths and face up to their weaknesses.

They make effective decisions based on self-knowledge and take action to make changes in their lives.

Research suggests that those people who significantly invest in themselves and their own growth generally experience greater levels of career and life fulfillment.

The qualities needed to become successful are within each and every one of us, regardless of race, age, class, or educational level.

The tutorial in this course will help you explore the enduring qualities or characteristics you possess and how those characteristics affect your career development.

Self-assessments can help you explore:

👉 your goals and values
👉 skills and abilities
👉 plans and purposes

Assessments can help you recognize:

👉 Patterns of behavior
👉 Identify strategies that are productive and unproductive
👉 Enrich your understanding of how you interact with the world

Assessments provide a path to self-discovery through the exploration of what makes you unique.

Guided self-reflection is a unique way of learning about yourself.

Each chapter of this web series will coach you through the self-reflection process.

In each chapter, you will:

✅ Identify barriers to your career success.

✅ Complete assessments to learn more about yourself.

✅ Explore your results and find meaning in them.

✅ Devise new strategies and plans based on what you’ve learned.

✅ Commit to making the changes required to achieve more career success.

Be aware that the tutorials in this web series helps you in self-exploration and not final definitions of your character or attitudes.

Still, the results of this process should help you reflect on your life, question past behaviors, find meaning, and make connections.

You will then be encouraged to set goals and take action.

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3 – 5 hrs

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